Irony Fe


Well the night before last, I went into shock for the third time.  It’s amazing how such a short, drastic event can take all your energy away.  When I realized I was going into shock, with my body temperature rising to what feels to be about 200 degrees and the feeling of fainting.  I told myself “calm down, breathe. breathe.”  Then all of a sudden I was going to pass out, as I was sweating profusely, as if I was in a hot yoga class and then a ringing in my ear.  Again I told myself “do not pass out muth*fuck*, you will not pass out, this will be the end if you do.”

I’m alive.  I am so happy and grateful.  Many people and beings have taught me to be strong and I have them to thank.

Ironically I didn’t feel well until I ate the rare steak I made that night.  I felt the iron of that rare steak, I eat my steak bloody.  I felt gave me some energy back.

Isn’t it interesting how iron is our blood, it is what makes most of earths’ inner and outer core, it’s in animals and it is a metal!!!

It is what the stars created and all we see.  Good night, love yours truly.♥


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May I suggest

May I suggest to not be afraid of the angel of death.  Until you have encountered the angel of death, I feel you do not get to experience life.  Then perhaps you, like I, will see how petty situations may be.  Some people call them “first world problems” some may say “second world problems”.  I call them insignificant, unimportant perhaps even irrelevant.  They say once you understand death you enjoy life more. I.E. like a child who does not understand life yet, or someone who knows their time is up.  Then you live your life to the full extent, careless, free and fearless.  Also may I suggest live with love.  I will elaborate this thought next time.  Good night world.♥

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Hi, my name is Sroechinee, nickname Chi.  I love to learn, so I learned how to make a website of my art portfolios and to write a little about me.  I love to be happy, I enjoy a lot of things in life eating, muay thai, shopping, being with friends and family, working out, vacations… the list goes on.   Just like everyone else, in order to be able to afford these things, we must make money.  I am a manager, an artist and a model with a strong background of sales.   Well, that’s me in a nut shell!  I hope that I have inspired you or at least kept you a little amused, thanks for checking out my work.

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